Starting January 1, 2019, AMD air reporting will be submitted online through the Electronic Transfer System (ETS).


Industrial operations are required to submit air data, reports and reporting forms to ETS beginning in 2019. Submission of Continuous Emission Monitoring System data via FTP remains unchanged.

Submissions to ETS include:

  • 12 AMD reporting forms (Excel forms or XML files)
  • Ambient air data, including continuous, passive, intermittent and dustfall (XML file), accompanied by (as applicable):
    • PDF calibration report (for continuous ambient data)
    • PDF certified laboratory analysis report (for non-continuous ambient data)
  • PDF air reports:
    • Monthly, quarterly and annual industrial air monitoring reports
    • CGA report
    • RATA report
    • SES report
    • SES and RATA combined report
    • Combined monthly, quarterly and annual reports (if air component is included)

Other PDF reports will continue to be emailed according to the Acceptable Formats for EPEA Approval and Code of Practice Records and Submission Coordinates (PDF, 75 KB).

AMD forms and XML schemas

AMD Excel forms, XML schemas and supporting documents are provided through ETS Support and Online Learning.

All regulatory facilities that have an approval condition requiring monitoring and reporting of ambient air need to email to receive unique Ambient Station Identifiers for all ambient stations (continuous, intermittent, passive, dustfall). The unique Ambient Station Identifier is one of the required fields in the ambient data XML schema.

Naming conventions

Naming conventions for the 12 AMD Excel forms are provided in the instructions tab of each form. For XML submission of the AMD form data and ambient data, naming conventions are provided in the XML schemas.

The naming convention for PDF reports continues to be as provided in the EPEA Approval Industrial Monitoring Documentation Submission Naming Guideline (PDF, 166 KB). Naming conventions for PDF calibration reports and certified laboratory analysis reports for ambient data have also been added to this document.

Airshed submissions

Airsheds will continue to submit ambient data to the airdata warehouse, with no change to XML schema, until notified.

Airsheds will continue to submit monthly and annual air reports by email, using the naming conventions in the EPEA Approval Industrial Monitoring Documentation Submission Naming Guideline (PDF, 166 KB) to

Airsheds will also email the following separate PDFs along with their monthly or annual reports, as applicable:

  • calibration reports (for continuous ambient data)
  • certified laboratory analysis reports (for non-continuous ambient data)


Account set up

Note: ETS accounts are set up for parent companies, not for individual facilities.

All companies need to have an account set up in ETS in order to complete industrial AMD submissions. Those individuals (including any contractors) that will be submitting air data and reports under the AMD will need to have a user account set up by their ETS administrator under the company’s ETS account.

If your company has an existing account and you require assistance, or you are unsure as to whether an account exists, please email

If your company does not have an ETS account, please follow the steps below.

ETS administrator set up procedure

  1. Prepare a letter on corporate letterhead, signed by an authorized person, identifying the ETS Administrator and/or optional Backup Administrator. Additional instructions are included in the Sample Authorization Letter  (DOCX, 28 KB)
  2. Complete the ETS Set up Form (PDF, 1 MB).
  3. Send the documents to

If you have any questions on ETS account set up, please email for assistance. Please note: Crown Land Data with Alberta Energy manages the ETS account set up process.

ETS training

The following ETS training manuals are available through ETS Support and Online Learning:

Accessing ETS

Please note: ETS supports Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher and Firefox 50.0 or higher. ETS does not support Chrome or Microsoft Edge at this time. Pop-ups must be enabled in your web browser to access reports.

Annual emissions inventory

Starting January 1, 2019, all Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act approved industrial facilities are required to carry out an inventory of their sources and air emissions. If specific reporting thresholds are met, facilities must also complete and submit an Annual Emissions Inventory Report.

The information being collected will support various business requirements of the Government of Alberta, including:

  • air modelling
  • Alberta’s Cumulative Effects Management System
  • negotiations with the federal government on national air quality frameworks
  • policy development
  • regional planning
  • regulatory management
  • scientific assessments
  • the provincial air emissions inventory

Information on the Annual Emissions Inventory Reporting Program and how to submit an Annual Emissions Inventory Report is provided on AMD resources.


To connect with support for Chapter 9 submissions:

ETS account setup and account support

Phone: 780-644-2300

Other contacts

Email: (ETS technical support or reporting logistics)
Email: (AMD interpretation or general reporting questions)
Email: (annual emissions inventory)
Email: (to obtain a unique station ID for regulatory ambient data submission for a specific approval or for reporting logistics)

Please direct questions relating to individual facility reporting requirements to your approval coordinator.