Tourism in Alberta 2017

High level summary of key tourism statistics in Alberta

In 2017, Alberta saw a total of:

  • $8.9 billion in tourism expenditures – an increase of 5% from the previous year
  • 36.9 million person-visits – an increase of 6.1% from the previous year

2017 Tourism expenditures and visitation in Alberta by market

*Small sample size. Data contain high margin of error and are subject to significant year-over-year fluctuations.
Source: Statistics Canada, International Travel Survey and Travel Survey of Residents of Canada.
Market of origin Tourism Expenditures Person-visits
Canada $6.8 billion 34.9 million
United States $847 million 941,000
United Kingdom $188 million 157,000
China $172 million 140,000
Japan $132 million 73,000
Australia $116 million 95,000
Germany $109 million 98,000
South Korea* $58 million 58,000
The Netherlands $41 million 43,000
Mexico* $23 million 21,000

In 2017, tourism spending by visitors contributed to the provincial economy with:

  • 72,500 tourism jobs (full-time equivalent employment in person years)
  • $7.3 billion in contribution to Alberta’s GDP ($4.3 billion direct, $1.8 billion indirect and $1.2 billion induced)
  • $1.2 billion in contribution from taxes on products and services, including:
    • $592 million in federal tax revenue
    • $387 million in provincial tax revenue
    • $186 million in local tax revenue

Source: Alberta Jobs, Economy and Innovation (Statistics Canada Visitor Spending Model for Alberta – 2017 numbers)

The Government of Alberta collaborated with Statistics Canada to develop a new tourism visitor spending economic impact model for Alberta, which generates data based on visitors’ tourism spending in the province. The key indicators and assumptions from the new model differ from previous models.

For this reason, GDP, jobs and tax revenue data for tourism in Alberta from 2017 onwards cannot be directly compared to figures reported for 2015 and prior.

Visitor profiles by region

Visitor profiles provide information on visitor origin, purpose of trip, accommodation, length of stay, seasonality and spending in Alberta and tourism regions.


There are 2 visitor profiles for Alberta. One is a high level summary for all the visitors to Alberta and the other one is a detailed visitor profile for domestic visitors to Alberta.

Tourism region

You can find archived visitor profiles at Open Government.

The raw data for total Alberta tourism, domestic tourism, and tourism by region is also available in Excel format.

International visits and spending

See statistics on overnight person-visits and expenditures from specific countries between 2000 and 2017 while in Alberta.

Economic impact of tourism in Alberta by region

Economic impact studies provide a snapshot of an entire existing economy at a specific point in time.

It follows spending associated with tourism activity to identify changes on employment, income and government tax revenue at regional and provincial levels.

You can find archived economic impact studies at Open Government.


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