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Access to Alberta Accommodation Outlook, domestic potential studies and Global Tourism Watch.

Alberta Accommodation Outlook

The Alberta Accommodation Outlook is presented annually at the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association's Annual Convention and Trade Show.

Information includes:

  • supply and demand trends in rural and urban areas
  • development trends
  • opportunities, issues and risks
  • investment in hotels, including a comparison of US and Canadian perspectives
  • yields, capitalization and discount rate trends
  • hotel net income trends and hotel values

Full reports

Domestic market potential studies

Visiting Friends and Relatives Study – 2016

This study contains information on the nature and impact of the Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) market in Alberta.

Demand for rural tourism experiences in Alberta – 2012

This study is intended to increase the number of urban Albertans who participate in tourism experiences in rural Alberta.

Global Tourism Watch

In partnership with Destination Canada and other provincial tourism agencies, a Global Tourism Watch program was created to expand consumer-based intelligence in core markets.

The purpose is to monitor awareness, travel intentions and other key market indicators for Canada and Alberta.

Link to 2018 reports and archives

Destination Canada-GTW reports 2007 - 2018


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