Alberta Public Service – Executive recruitment services

Executive Search delivers an executive search program to recruit executive managers and senior officials to the Alberta Public Service.


In recognizing senior executives as a corporate resource of government, we deliver a corporate executive search program to attract and recruit executive managers and senior officials. We assist ministries in facilitating executive assignments, and contribute to corporate human resource initiatives to build strategies in the areas of talent management, leadership development, strategic workforce planning, succession, and attraction and retention.

Through delegation from the Public Service Commissioner, Executive Search oversees competition, exemption and appointment processes for Executive Manager level positions. Additional information is available on the Alberta public service recruitment overview directive page under "Delegation of recruitment authorities".

Executive Search also provides guidance and consultation for developmental assignments and opportunities with private and public sector organizations through Alberta Interchange, and consulting services for recruitment to executive level positions and board members of public agencies.

Our office was established in 1973.

Services and supports

  • Meeting with clients and conducting research to develop a full understanding of the position and the competencies required, and explore the corporate culture, long-term strategies, and business goals that are key to defining a successful search process.
  • Working with clients to develop the search strategy including a focused position profile, advertisements, and a search process and schedule.
  • Facilitating the executive search process by planning, organizing and implementing the most effective search strategies.
  • Providing leadership, guidance and coaching to clients and applicants in understanding the executive search process.
  • Facilitating processes to acquire contract services for assistance with unique or specialized search services as required. This may include contracting and partnering with external service providers to enhance the search process or to directly target and source potential candidates.
  • Receiving applications, developing candidate summaries and assessing candidates.
  • Reviewing the assessment of candidates with clients, providing advice on the selection of candidates to be interviewed, and developing interview plans and other assessment strategies.
  • Conducting competency-based interviews with selected candidates to determine those who best meet the presented needs and requirements of the position.
  • Facilitating post-interview discussions with clients and applicants to finalize the search process.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of applicants throughout the process with secure information management and private interview facilities.
  • Completing pre-employment background checks to ensure a thorough understanding of the candidate’s credentials and career background, including reference checking, security screening and confirming academic credentials for final candidates.
  • Managing requests to appoint executive managers by exemption from competition and assisting departments in facilitating internal and external executive assignments.
  • Providing individual coaching and interview support options to candidates and potential candidates.
  • Forecasting emerging issues and trends that may impact executive search activities, talent management and related corporate strategies.
  • Contributing to the development of strategies and initiatives related to leadership capacity, workforce planning, succession management, and attraction and retention.
  • Providing consultation on developmental assignments and opportunities with private and public sector organizations through Alberta Interchange.
  • Assisting and supporting departments with restructuring and redeployment initiatives.


Connect with Executive Search:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-408-8460
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]