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Northern Lights recipient – Anita Rorke

On February 17, she was recognized for supporting victims of crime or those experiencing sudden tragedy.

Portrait of Anita Rorke

Location: Cold Lake, Alberta

As a victim of a crime struggling to make sense of the senseless, who could one turn to for support? Where can a person traumatized by a sudden, incomprehensible tragedy find understanding and comfort? People in the Cold Lake region find that understanding and comfort in Anita Rorke.

For 25 years, Anita has been a steadfast Volunteer Advocate with the Cold Lake Victim Services unit providing support and information and helping connect the victims and the families of victims of crime and sudden tragedy with the people, programs and services they need. Drawing from a seemingly endless well of compassion and caring, Anita ensures that her clients have access to that higher level of care to meet both their physical and emotional needs. Anita also shares her more than 2 decades of expertise, understanding and sensitivity with those dealing with sudden death, grief and loss, through her volunteer contributions to the Cold Lake and District Family and Community Support Services unit and Cold Lake Palliative Care.

For serving as a shining ray of hope and healing to those struggling in the darkness of despair, Anita Rorke is a truly worthy recipient of Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition.

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