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Agriculture sustainability and measurement

Government works with industry to better understand and measure the environmental impacts of Alberta’s agri-food industry.

Services and information

Sustainability metrics have evolved to incorporate environmental, social and economic indicators.

Life Cycle Assessment is an assessment tool used to better understand and quantify the environmental footprint of the agri-food industry.

The agriculture industry uses life cycle assessment to measure and report its environmental footprint.

Every two years, this farm-level survey measures the adoption of environmentally sustainable agriculture practices by Alberta producers.


Environmental Footprinting (EF) is a method used to determine the impacts of a product or process in many industries and countries. It can assist with decision-making and enable effective environmental management for direct market and economic benefits. Sustainability indicators and quantification tools have been developing for use in the agri-food industry. These efforts help primary agriculture producers demonstrate their sustainability.

Find out more about assessing agriculture’s environmental sustainability.