Agriculture economics analytics

In various issues of 'Explained in brief' we provide short, bite-sized analytical pieces on economic trends in Alberta's agricultural and agri-food industries. Topics cover farm economics and cost of production, economic impacts of crop and livestock diseases, and environmental and trade issues.

The intent of the series is to unpack complex agricultural economics topics and make them available to a broader readership.

Farm economics


Economic Impact of Alberta’s Sugar Beet Industry

Economic Cost of Fusarium 2018

Economic Cost of Fusarium 2015

Economic Cost of Clubroot

Off-farm Income in Alberta

Overview of Certified Seed and Farmer Saved Seed 2018


Potential Economic Impact of European-American Foulbrood on Alberta's Beekeeping Industry

Evaluation of Business Risk Management Strategies for Hog Production in Alberta (2008 to 2012)

Exploring the Economic Advantages and Disadvantages of Finishing Hogs in Alberta

New markets

Hulless Barley Potential Opportunities