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A 2-part webinar series designed for businesses looking for new market channels.

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“Are you growing your business and looking at food service industry as a potential market channel? If the answer is yes, then you will want to plan to register for a 2-part webinar series planned for this fall,” says Margurite Thiessen, business development officer with the Alberta government. “Getting into the food service market can be a daunting process, and the first webinar will introduce you to food service.”

Jeewani Fernando, provincial consumer market analyst, and Margurite Thiessen will present on the food service landscape including the current food service trends, the sector structure, and tips for planning to enter the market strategically. A panel from the food service industry will be joining the discussion on strategic entry before businesses go to market.

“The second webinar in this 2-part series will focus on going to market,” says Thiessen.

Join keynote speaker Jeff Dover from FsSTRATEGY as he presents on the different ways to go to market as well as how to be prepared to enter the food service marketplace. Joining Jeff will be a panel of industry speakers representing various stakeholders in the food service supply chain from a vendor to a distributor to a food service buyer.

“This webinar series hosted by the Food and Bio Processing Branch will provide an overview of the food service market and the complexities this market channel presents. Companies will gain an understanding of how to prepare for this complex market channel,” says Thiessen.

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Connect with the Food and Bio Processing Branch for more information.

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