Dimension and Weight Agreement for the Movement of Raw Forest Products

A signed agreement is required where the mill agrees to comply with a set of conditions for the movement of raw forest products greater then regulated dimensions and weights on public highways in the Province. This agreement must be signed and returned before increased dimensions and weights will be allowed for any mill.

Weight Monitoring

  1. Mills which will be utilizing a permanent scale are required to monitor and control all loaded vehicles entering their yard, as detailed in Section K of the Agreement if hauling weights greater than weights regulated by Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2002.
  2. The company will report all over weights recorded for vehicles hauling for or on behalf of the Company to Alberta Transportation bi-weekly during the period when winter weights are in effect in the format outlined in Schedule 1, Appendix 12 of the Agreement. An electronic version of the Winter Weight Overweight Report is available.
  3. As part of the agreement mills must audit on a random basis 1% of all log trucks hauling for or on behalf of the mill. An electronic version of the audit form is available at http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/content/doctype276/production/auditform.pdf.
  4. Mills that do not have certified weigh scales will be required to have vehicles destined to their mill report to Vehicle Inspection Stations, when the Vehicle Inspection Station is along the route.
  5. See Item 4.2 and Schedule 1 Section I of the Agreement for more details on reporting for inspection at government weigh scales.


Each vehicle hauling increased dimensions and weights must have a Part I Permit, which is good for all mills in the Province, in addition to a Part II Map for each mill the vehicle hauls for or on behalf of.

The route map will show the approved haul routes in a colour coded format that determines the allowable weight indicated on the carrier permit. Any other conditions or limitations will also be shown on the map.

Prior to hauling at weights or dimensions exceeding regulated weights, the Company will apply to Alberta Transportation for permission to use designated routes at increased weights and dimensions. (see Schedule 1 Section C and D and Appendix 2) Upon approval the Company will receive a colour coded map or temporary black and white map identifying the route colour. Alternatively upon request the Company may be given permission and necessary information to produce their own maps as noted in "Part 3: Conditions" of the Agreement. (page 2). (Section D and E and Appendix 2)


An addendum is required when a cut block is accessed using public roadways which are not indicated as approved raw forest product haul routes on the colour map.

To request an addendum route, the Company must submit the following items

  1. Colour raw forest product haul map or black and white route map with routes clearly indicated
  2. Addendum Route Request Form
  3. Addendum Title Block

Schedule 1, Section H outlines the procedure for creating an addendum.

Frost/Thaw Contour Map

Alberta Transportation maintains and monitors a system of manual and electronic frost probes throughout the Province. These probes provide recent subsurface information which, in conjunction with weather forecasts from Environment Canada, is used to determine the locations where the depth of frost is sufficient to allow winter weights or the depth of thaw sufficient to warrant removing winter weights. A contour map illustrating the frost or thaw lines is available at http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/Content/docType260/Production/FrostThawMap.pdf and is provided for information only and should not be used as notification that winter weights have been implemented or removed for a mill. The mill will be notified when winter weights have been implemented or removed by Alberta Transportation.

Winter Weight Notice

Alberta Transportation will notify each mill in writing when winter weights come into effect for their mill. Following this notice, the mill can direct the vehicles hauling into its mill to commence hauling at winter weights. Note that a Dimension / Winter Weight Log Haul Permit and Validated Route Map is required for each vehicle and configuration hauling winter weights.

Alberta Transportation will notify each mill in writing when winter weights are removed. Following this notice, the mill will direct the vehicles hauling into its mill to cease hauling at winter weights.

Note: The Dimension / Winter Weight Log Haul Permit is still valid once winter weights have been removed at the dimensions shown on the permit, provided the weights do not exceed the regulated weight as determined by Commercial Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2002.