Adoption profile – Paiton and Maya

Paiton and Maya are a sibling group of 2 children who are 11 and 10 years old.

Adoption profile photo of Paiton and Maya

Paiton and Maya are a sensitive and curious pair of siblings who require a forever home that they can call their own. The ideal family for these wonderful siblings is one with either no children or children much older so that they can benefit from consistent attention, supervision and structure.

Paiton, born in 2012, is a reserved, creative, and quiet-spoken child who is most at ease with a gentle approach, positive attention and being in an environment that is calm and predictable. This kind and polite youngster, with an engaging smile, enjoys having a consistent routine so that he can plan his activities accordingly. Bright beyond his years, Paiton enjoys learning about, and explaining the weather to others. He also enjoys building things with Lego and learning about different types of vehicles. His most special interest though, involves learning about anything to do with The Titanic! Paiton is meeting his academic goals in a regular school program.

Maya, born in 2013, is a very engaging, busy & active child who enjoys playing, laughing and telling jokes. This caring and intelligent child is not afraid to advocate for herself or others. Maya has a variety of interests including being able to play “dress-up” & “pretend”, playing with her dolls, drawing, colouring or doing any other projects that are art related. She also enjoys being able to spend time on her tablet or playing games on her Nintendo Switch. This sweet child with a kind heart is in a regular school program with additional strategies to help achieve her academic goals.

These lovely siblings will thrive in a home that can provide patience, understanding, routine, and encouragement. A family who are actively committed to ensuring that these children can continue to maintain close connections to their birth family, is a must. Connecting Paiton and Maya to any specialized resources or services now and into the future will see them meet their full potential.


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