Featured on Wednesday's Child: March 2, 2022

Adoption profile photo of Honey

Honey, born in 2014, is a friendly, social and curious child with brown eyes and dark brown hair. An engaging, playful and energetic child, Honey enjoys the company of children as well as adults.

Like most little girls, Honey loves to keep busy doing some of her favorite activities. With her high energy and active nature, Honey enjoys being able to run and play outdoors, do arts and crafts, colour, play with her dolls and have stories read to her. One of Honey’s favourite activities is playing dress-up with her friends. Honey shows much determination and is always interested in learning new things. With her engaging nature, Honey easily makes friends with both children and adults.

Honey enjoys school and is attending a regular school program with a modified schedule. This routine has enabled her to stay focused so that she can achieve success. Her teachers are pleased with her progress as they continue to support her learning style.

Honey is an amazing child who will do best in a two-parent family or a single parent with no children or older children. A family who can offer patience, unconditional acceptance, predictable structure and routine would likely allow Honey the most effective adjustment and success. Additionally, a family committed to accessing specialized services now and in the future will be key to providing her with a solid emotional foundation. A family that is open to exploring connections with her extended family and culture will also be in her best interests.

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