Engagement status: Closed winter 2019
Ministry responsible: Community and Social Services


The Persons with Developmental Disabilities Review Panel engaged with Albertans across the province in 2018.

The review panel sought input from people with developmental disabilities, their families and guardians, workers, agencies and community leaders throughout the province. The panel received input from Albertans through community conversations, self-facilitated discussions, and an online survey and written, art or video submissions.

The review panel has provided the Minister of Community and Social Services with a report on the results of the engagement. The report provides a thematic overview of PDD program successes, challenges and opportunities.

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Next steps

The significant feedback shared during the PDD Review public engagement will inform the PDD program going forward. In keeping with the government’s commitment to open dialogue with the disability community, the government is establishing two new engagement mechanisms:

  • The Disability Advisory Forum will provide the minister of community and social services with advice on matters relevant to Albertans with disabilities. Participation at forum meetings will be sought from provincial-level organizations representing the full range of disability community perspectives, including self-advocates, families, Indigenous communities, service providers, community disability workers and other interested parties. Membership will vary depending on the topic under consideration. The first forum will be convened in the fall to discuss PDD eligibility. Eligibility is a key issue identified in the report, and by the disability community. Participants of this first forum discussion will include the PDD review panel co-chairs and additional members from the disability community.
  • The Service Provider Partnership Committee will serve as a link between the Alberta Council of Disability Services and the Ministry of Community and Social Services to alleviate administrative challenges and other operational concerns.