Services and information

  • Alberta BearSmart

    Alberta’s BearSmart program provides valuable information and resources to help Albertans reduce problem encounters with bears.

  • Cougars and outdoor recreation

    Know what preventative measures you can take to limit human-cougar encounters on your next outdoor recreation adventure.

  • Report a poacher

    Report suspicious or illegal hunting and fishing activity, dangerous wildlife encounters and serious public lands abuse by phone or online.

  • Watchable wildlife calendar

    Alberta Environment and Parks is pleased to present Alberta’s Watchable Wildlife Calendar.

  • Wild species

    Discover Alberta’s diverse plant and animal species, and how the province works to manage and conserve them.

  • Wildlife safety tips

    While enjoying the beauty of Alberta’s Provincial Parks, be aware of wildlife and take steps to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

  • Wolves and outdoor recreation

    Tips and techniques to help you prevent conflict with wolves during your outdoor recreation activities.