To provide potential buyers more information, the province now requires all used car dealers to have a licensed journeyman technician complete a mechanical fitness assessment on used motor vehicles prior to their sale.

Mechanical fitness assessment form

Alberta Transportation worked closely with the Motor Dealers' Association of Alberta and the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council to develop a standard form to be completed by a licensed journeyman technician. The assessment form identifies more than 60 vehicle equipment parts, including equipment in the powertrain, lamps, instruments, brakes, steering, suspension, frame and body, tires and wheels, and electrical.

Mechanical Fitness Assessment Form (PDF, 32 KB).

Previous to these amendments, dealerships completed a certificate indicating the overall condition of the vehicle without requiring a complete mechanical assessment. Under the revised regulations, a mechanical assessment will be completed by licensed journeyman technician with a trade certificate as an Automotive Service Technician or Heavy Equipment Technician under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act.

A mechanical fitness assessment will be valid for 120 days from the time of completion. This is a change from 14 days for the previous certificate. The extended time period recognizes the broader nature of the assessment.


Dealerships are required to provide a mechanical fitness assessment prior to the sale of a used vehicle. There is no cost to consumers. There is also no obligation to the consumer to purchase the vehicle, if they are not satisfied with the results of the assessment.


The amended regulations came into effect April 12, 2010. Alberta Transportation has been working closely wit the Motor Dealers' Association of Alberta and the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council to develop a standardized mechanical fitness assessment form and to communicate the amended regulations to dealerships. Alberta Transportation will continue to work closely with motor dealers in implementing these new regulations in the coming weeks.


The amendments to the vehicle inspection regulation apply to used vehicles sold at brokers, consignment sales and auction sales.


Consumers with concerns about dealerships or implementation of the new regulations should contact the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council at 1-877-979-8100. The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council is responsible for administering and enforcing automotive industry regulations under the Fair Trading Act.


Mechanical Fitness Assessment Update (PDF, 105 KB)