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Mediation movies

Grab some popcorn and learn more about municipal mediation by checking out the movies below. Videos require RealPlayer

Journey to Consensus (2004; 34 minutes) walks you through an interest-based negotiation using a multi-party, land use conflict scenario. The video identifies the skills and techniques that are used in interest-based negotiations and can be used to help participants and managers prepare for the conflict resolution process.  It’s also designed for use as a training tool for those who are teaching others about interest-based negotiation.

More Ice Time—The Power of Mediation (2007; 12 minutes) goes through a mediation issue concerning ice time at the local rink. The video demonstrates the benefits of a mediated process as being a voluntary measure that promotes fairness, fosters cooperation, and leads to mutually-beneficial solutions. The video can be a preparatory tool for mediation.

Videos on Dispute Resolution

These videos (4-6 minutes) showcase four types of dispute resolution alternatives available to municipalities. Videos require Windows Media Player

Mediation with Bill Diepeveen
Parties discuss and gain an understanding of each other’s interests in order to create a mutually-beneficial, non-binding agreement.

Arbitration with Jim McCartney
Parties present their case to an arbitrator who has the final decision-making power to resolve the issue through a binding decision.

Restorative Justice with Paula Drouin
The offender, the victim, and other stakeholders to come together and ‘make things right’.  The process focuses on healing rather than punishment and provides parties with an opportunity to discuss the offense and decide on appropriate redress.

Litigation with Lucille Birkett
Disputes are resolved through the formal court system where the judge has the final decision-making power.

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