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  • Ron Orr

    Minister Ron Orr

    Ron Orr was appointed Minister of Culture on July 8, 2021.

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  • Photo of Whitney Issik

    Associate Minister Whitney Issik

    Whitney Issik was appointed Associate Minister of Status of Women on July 8, 2021.

  • Parliamentary secretary Jackie Lovely

    Parliamentary Secretary Jackie Lovely

    Jackie Lovely was appointed parliamentary secretary to the Associate Minister of Status of Women on November 23, 2021.


  • Parliamentary secretary Dan Williams

    Parliamentary Secretary Dan Williams

    Dan Williams was appointed parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Culture and for la Francophonie on November 23, 2021.


Our responsibilities

Build a vibrant cultural sector by supporting the development and sustainability of Alberta's:

  • creative and cultural industries
  • artists and arts community
  • recreation and sport
  • non-profit / voluntary sector

Increase gender equality by working with ministries to make sure gender and other identity factors are reflected in Alberta government:

  • policies
  • programs
  • legislation

In focus


Budget 2022 is moving Alberta forward by building health system capacity, getting more Albertans working, and balancing the budget.

Arts Professions Recognition Act

Bill 75 promotes the value, contributions and rights of artists in Alberta.

French services directory

Albertans can access these government services and resources in French.

Commitment to end sexual violence

Alberta has made a government-wide commitment to prevent sexual violence and improve support for survivors.

Getting moving towards a more active Alberta

Our vision of a more active Alberta is a province where all Albertans enjoy a high quality of life, improved health and wellness and vibrant communities.

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