Royalty reporting requirements

Under the Mines and Minerals Act, the Coal Royalty Regulation regulation specifies the requirements to report and pay royalties on coal produced from the location of a coal lease.

The Coal Royalty Guidelines (PDF, 18.7 MB) provide additional information on reporting under the Coal Royalty Regulation.

Information Letters provide further interpretation under the Mines and Minerals Act and the Coal Royalty Regulation

Royalty reporting instructions

Please follow the instructions provided in the Coal Royalty Guidelines (PDF, 18.7 MB).

Royalty reports may be submitted by mail, fax or email to the Coal and Mineral Development Unit.

Royalties may be paid by cheque or direct deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer).

If payment and the report are submitted separately, please provide the payment method, date and applicable transaction codes along with the royalty report.

Royalty information

In 2017, the Alberta government collected $15.7 million in royalties from coal (this does not include freehold production of coal).

Coal royalties are set under the Coal Royalty Regulation, under this regulation, there are two royalty regimes:

The royalty rate for Crown-owned Subbituminous (Plains) coal, used mainly to generate electricity, is:

  • $0.55/tonne

The royalty rate for Crown-owned Bituminous (Mountain/Foothills) coal, which is based on a revenue minus costs royalty regime, is:

  • Before mine payout: 1% of mine mouth revenue
  • After mine payout: 1% of mine mouth revenue plus 13% of net revenue

See Mineral royalty forms submission in online learning or the coal royalty guidelines (PDF, 18.7 MB) for more information. If you prefer a print copies of the guidelines or forms, please contact us.


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