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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministerial Correspondence Team
Corporate Counsel, Legal Services
Acute Care Division
Continuing Care Division
Finance and Capital Planning Division
Health Information Systems Division
Health System Integration Division
Health Workforce Division
Indigenous Health Division
Pharmaceutical and Supplementary Benefits Division
Pharmaceutical and Health Benefits Branch
Divisional Services Branch
Health Insurance Programs Branch
Statement of Benefits Paid
Registration Business Services
Registration Services
Claims Management and Special Programs Dept.
Primary Care Division
Public and Rural Health Division
Strategic Planning and Performance Division
Office of the Associate Deputy Minister
Office of the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
Office of the Alberta Health Advocates
Registration Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Chalmers, Tracey
780 427-9867 Registration Manager
Hobson, Anne
780 415-1603 Registration Specialist Team Lead
Kerman, Brenda
780 427-7264 Registration Specialist Team Lead
Bacolod, Nora
780 415-1493 Registration Specialist
Butler, Susan
780 644-7548 Registration Specialist
Christie, Mary
780 427-7380 Registration Specialist
De Los Santos, Lou
780 415-1625 Registration Specialist
Greenslade, Patricia
780 415-1569 Registration Specialist
Ilkiw, Heide
780 427-6946 Registration Specialist
Madala, Nandini
780 638-3256 Residency Analyst
Moore, Danielle
780 415-1351 Registration Specialist
Rupert, Talia
780 422-4940 Registration Specialist
Smith, Kathleen
780 644-3963 Registration Specialist
Smith, Paulette
780 427-6032 Registration Specialist
Vargas, Florida
780 422-5684 Registration Specialist
Yehia, Denise
780 415-1630 Registration Specialist
Glass, Carrie
780 427-8989 Residency Analyst
Taojo, Aina
780 644-3190 Business Specialist
Marcoux, Ashley
780 422-1554 Mail Administrative Support
Saiyed, Naseem
780 415-2461 Mail Administrative Support

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