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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministerial Correspondence Team
Corporate Counsel, Legal Services
Acute Care Division
Continuing Care Division
Finance and Capital Planning Division
Health Information Systems Division
Health System Integration Division
Health Workforce Division
Indigenous Health Division
Pharmaceutical and Supplementary Benefits Division
Primary Care Division
Public and Rural Health Division
Strategic Planning and Performance Division
Office of the Associate Deputy Minister
Office of the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
Office of the Alberta Health Advocates
Ministerial Correspondence Team
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Part, Greg
780 222-8832 Manager, MCT
  Manager, MCT
Miller, Elizabeth
780 638-9543 Information Coordination Team Lead
Callaghan, Jamie
780 643-6356 Information Coordination Officer
L'Hirondelle, Brenda
780 427-3329 Information Coordination Officer
Thompson, Lisa
780 643-9037 Issues and Information Services Team Lead
Ganjee, Nazhat
780 427-4323 Writer / Editor
Madden, Lindsay
780 415-0818 Writer / Editor
Thomas, Cindy
780 643-9285 Writer / Editor
Tomlinson, Wendy
780 415-2756 Writer / Editor
Tran, Elaine
780 422-1222 Writer / Editor
  Writer / Editor
Moore, Cash
780 643-0755 Writer / Editor
Pankiw, Irene
780 638-3386 ARTS Administrator
Brar, Prabhjeet
780 415-6584 Correspondence Administration Team Lead
780 638-3513 Senior Correspondent Assistant
Agnihotri, Prerna
780 644-4538 Correspondence Assistant
Jarquin, Javier
780 415-0997 Correspondence Assistant

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