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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministerial Correspondence Team
Corporate Counsel, Legal Services
Acute Care Division
Continuing Care Division
Finance and Capital Planning Division
Health Information Systems Division
Health System Integration Division
Health Workforce Division
Indigenous Health Division
Pharmaceutical and Supplementary Benefits Division
Pharmaceutical and Health Benefits Branch
Divisional Services Branch
Health Insurance Programs Branch
Statement of Benefits Paid
Registration Business Services
Registration Services
Claims Management and Special Programs Dept.
Primary Care Division
Public and Rural Health Division
Strategic Planning and Performance Division
Office of the Associate Deputy Minister
Office of the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
Office of the Alberta Health Advocates
Registration Business Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Roy, Julia
780 415-1563 Director, Registration Services
Lee, Kevin Se
780 643-1949 Manager, Evacuee Registration Services
Hankey, Louise
780 415-2462 Registration Business Manager
Letros, Coral
780 427-9868 Performance Lead
Grindheim, Clark
780 644-6871 Business Analyst
Jenkins, Leone
780 638-4579 Lead Business Specialist
Andrade, Laize
780 415-1586 Business Specialist
Anichenko, Catherine
780 415-1494 Business Specialist
BenHalim, Afaf
780 415-1619 Business Specialist
DCunha, Jolly
780 415-1638 Business Specialist
De Leon, Alexander
780 415-1572 Business Specialist
Evans, Karen
780 415-1586 Business Specialist
Ganovicheff, Rita
780 415-1568 Business Specialist
Hendrickson, Maryanne
780 415-1601 Business Specialist
Heywood, Linda
780 427-7256 Business Specialist
Lackton, Yvette
780 427-7240 Business Specialist
Lewis, Marjorie
780 415-1571 Business Specialist
Salzman, Sandra
780 427-7170 Business Specialist
Townsend, Gayle
780 427-6903 Business Specialist

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