COVID-19 response

The AINP continues to accept and process applications and Expressions of Interest (EOIs), with temporary adjustments to some application and assessment processes.

Find out how the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is responding to COVID-19.

Nomination certificate limits

The following numbers are accurate as of July 20, 2021.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sets the limits for nominations the AINP can issue each year. IRCC provided 6,250 nomination certificates to Alberta for 2020. However, as announced in Alberta’s Economic Recovery Plan, the AINP will not be issuing more than 4,000 nomination certificates in 2020, reducing the use of nomination certificates by more than one third.

The AINP has issued all 4,000 certificates for 2020; however, applications in the queue continue to be processed. The AINP will resume issuing nomination certificates in January 2021. The number of nominations that the AINP can issue in 2021 is not yet available.

There are approximately 1,375 Alberta Opportunity Stream applications and 300 expression of interest applications in the Alberta Express Entry pool.

Information on application volumes and processing is available to help you determine the status of your application.

The AINP does not provide status updates.

Application volumes and processing

Approximate volumes and assessment dates for each AINP stream/category are provided below.

“Assessing” means an AINP officer has been assigned a file to make an assessment and decision on eligibility.

Applications received after the date stated below have not yet been assigned to an officer for assessment.

The most common factors considered in AINP application processing include:

  • application quality (completeness, eligibility, outdated application information/documents)
  • labour market information
  • volume of applications received
  • the date the application was received

Read the AINP terms and conditions for each stream, for more information on AINP application processing.

Alberta Opportunity Stream

AINP Stream/Category/Industry Number of Applications in the queue (approximate) The AINP is assessing applications received before (approximate)
Alberta Opportunity Stream Approximately 1,375 February 10, 2021

Employer-Driven Stream

The AINP is no longer accepting applications under this stream. All applications received under this stream have been assessed and received a decision.  This includes applications under the following categories/industries:

  • Food and beverage processing industry
  • Food services industry (Pilot project)
  • Hotel and lodging industry
  • International graduate category
  • Long-haul trucking industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Skilled worker category

Strategic Recruitment Stream

The AINP is no longer accepting application under this stream. All applications received under this stream have been assessed and received a decision.  This includes applications under the following categories:

  • Compulsory and optional trades category
  • Engineering occupations category
  • Post-graduate worker category

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

The AINP works closely with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) to assess the eligibility of applicants under this stream. Processing times are not available.

Application volumes by occupation

The AINP has a high volume of applications and Alberta Express Entry submissions in the following occupations. These submissions may take longer to process.

6311 – Food service supervisors
7511 – Transport truck drivers
6211 – Retail sales supervisors
6322 – Cooks
1241 – Administrative assistants
1221 – Administrative officers
0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers
4214 – Early childhood educators and assistants
1311 – Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
0631 – Restaurant and food service managers

Express Entry Stream selection

The AINP regularly reviews available candidates in the federal Express Entry pool. Based on available profile information in the portal, the AINP draws to select candidates from the pool, inviting them to submit a completed application to the AINP. Information on Alberta Express Entry Stream Notification of Interest factors is included on the eligibility page.

Past Draws

Information on draws will typically be posted approximately one month after the date of draw.

Date of draw Number of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sent CRS score of lowest ranked candidate who received a NOI letter
July 14, 2021 181 301
June 29, 2021 148 302
June 16, 2021 184 300
June 5, 2021 191 300
May 18, 2021 250 301
May 5, 2021 250 300
April 20, 2021 200 301
April 6, 2021 200 302
March 26, 2021 300 301
March 2, 2021 200 301
February 16, 2021 159 352
February 10, 2021 200 301
January 28, 2021 100 360
January 8, 2021 50 406
June 17, 2020 187 303
May 13, 2020 191 300
April 29, 2020 200 322
April 14, 2020 200 353
April 1, 2020 120 381
March 18, 2020 136 300
March 4, 2020 100 300
February 20, 2020 150 300
January 29, 2020 150 300
January 22, 2020 201 350
January 9, 2020 150 350


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