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A new suite of online business applications we call 1GX (One Government eXperience) is making it easier to do business with the Government of Alberta. This modern solution supports many functions across government.

1GX creates one experience for suppliers of goods, services or construction. Suppliers follow the same steps to bid, receive orders, invoice and get paid, regardless of whether they are working with one department, multiple departments or the entire Government of Alberta.

1GX uses the functionality of SAP Ariba (Ariba) applications to obtain the goods, services or construction needed to serve Albertans. The Ariba Network application manages orders, invoices and payment, and Ariba Discovery is used for sourcing (tendering or purchasing). Suppliers can access both Ariba applications using a common login.

1GX has been implemented in phases, starting with a pilot in July 2020 before launching across government in December 2020. Suppliers will be phased in by departments over the coming months.

No cost to suppliers

There is no cost to suppliers when doing business with the Government of Alberta in both of the Ariba applications in 1GX. Suppliers can leverage automation to:

  • view, download and respond to opportunities created in 1GX
  • submit bids, receipts and invoices
  • receive and fulfil orders
  • see where payment is in the process online, anytime, and
  • receive payment faster

Fees may apply if a supplier does business with other customers or purchases additional services in Ariba.

Getting started in 1GX

The Government of Alberta is phasing in 1GX with current suppliers by ministry over the coming months. We recommend that suppliers new to 1GX and SAP Ariba watch the introductory Supplier Summit webinar on the Government of Alberta Supplier Information Portal. Instructions on how to get started are provided below by supplier type:

  • Suppliers with existing contracts – instructions follow
  • Suppliers (successful bidders) with new contracts – receive a purchase order via email containing instructions on how to add to an existing account or create a new account in Ariba Network
  • Prospective suppliers – proceed to the “How to bid in 1GX section” later in this page

Suppliers with existing contracts

For current suppliers, the existing process to manage contracts will remain in place until they receive a purchase order or are contacted by the contracting department to start the transition of their contract(s) to 1GX and Ariba Network. Depending on the phase, that may not occur for several months. Suppliers with complex and high volume business may require additional support to enroll. See resources and contacts below.

Self-enroll in Ariba Network

Current and new suppliers may start setting up an account at any time, but may have to wait until a contracting ministry is phasing in its suppliers. Our Quick Start Guide (PDF, 337 KB) outlines 3 simple steps to complete self-enrolment in Ariba Network, the application in 1GX that processes orders, invoices and payment. Purchase orders will contain a link to process the order with instructions on how to set up an account or add the Government of Alberta to an existing account, but suppliers may set up an account in advance.

Account types

The Government of Alberta offers 2 types of Ariba accounts at no cost to suppliers:

  • A standard account provides the basic features needed to conduct business from procurement to payment. A standard account is recommended for new, basic and low- to medium-volume users. It can be upgraded to an enterprise account at any time at no cost for Government of Alberta business.
  • An enterprise account provides advanced features to store documents, send documents within 1GX, integrate an accounting system and create catalogues.

More information is available on the Government of Alberta Supplier Information Portal.

How to bid in 1GX

Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) continues to be the main entry point to do business with government. All Government of Alberta competitive opportunities are posted to APC. During the transition, some opportunities will be created in 1GX and some will be created in the standard format used by APC.

Opportunity notices created in 1GX will direct suppliers to login or register in Ariba (free) to view and download the full solicitation documents, or respond to those opportunities. The Find 1GX Opportunities in APC Guide (PDF, 494 KB) contains 3 steps to help suppliers get started. The Quick Registration Guide (PDF, 718 KB) has detailed registration information for Ariba Discovery, if needed.

Follow the instructions in each opportunity in APC to bid. Learn more about doing business with the Government of Alberta.

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