Current situation

  • Since January 1, there have been 358 wildfires recorded in the Forest Protection Area that have burned just over 28,500 hectares (ha). Of these wildfires, three are classified as being held, seven are under control, two have been turned over and 346 are extinguished.
  • There are currently 32 active wildfires in the Forest Protection Area, 21 of which are carryover wildfires from the 2023 season. Of these wildfires, three are classified as being held and 29 are under control. 
  • There are no wildfires of note currently burning in the Forest Protection Area. For the most up-to-date wildfire information, visit the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard.   

Fire bans:

  • A fire ban remains in place for the area north of Lake Athabasca in the Fort McMurray Forest Area.
  • Fire advisories are in effect for the High Level Forest Area and the area south of Lake Athabasca in the Fort McMurray Forest Area.
  • The off-highway vehicle restriction for the southern portion of the Fort McMurray Forest Area has been lifted.

Support for evacuees

Roads and Highways

  • There are currently no highway closures due to wildfires.
  • Visit for up-to-date information on road closures and travel advisories.

Alberta Emergency Alerts

  • For up-to-the-minute Alberta Emergency Alert information visit Alberta Emergency Alert.
  • Albertans are encouraged to download the Alberta Emergency Alert mobile app which immediately pushes all alerts out to subscribers.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Get ready for emergencies and disasters by taking simple steps now. To be prepared, Albertans need to know what to do, where to go, and have enough supplies for a week or more. Supplies include food, water, medications and important documents. Include supplies for pets as well.
  • Read more about emergency preparedness.

Wildfire Updates

  • Daily situation reports will resume when there is a new evacuation order or alert, following today’s distribution. For the latest information on wildfires and evacuee supports, visit Alberta Emergency Alert |
  • Minister of Forestry and Parks Todd Loewen will continue to provide a weekly briefing with officials from Alberta Wildfire and the Alberta Emergency Management Agency on Thursdays at 9:30 am.

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