Alberta’s government is investing $13.7 million over the next three years for the modernization of Acme School to better support learning and career partnerships within the community. The government’s capital investment will enhance the school’s existing partnerships that prepare students with the skills needed for future success closer to home and support the school’s partner businesses to expand their offerings to Albertans.

“Alberta’s government is making sure students have every opportunity to pursue their chosen career path and personal interests and succeed in Alberta’s dynamic job market. The much- needed modernization of Acme School and the development of the Acme School and Innovation Centre will help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to form a strong foundation for successful and fulfilling lives, create job opportunities and benefit the region for years to come.”

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

“Budget 2022 prioritizes projects that will help students develop the skills they need to find good jobs and drive economic growth. Projects like this one will increase students’ exposure to a diverse range of skills and interests and give them opportunities to learn in environments that prepare them for their futures.”

Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

As a community hub, the modernized school will offer training and support for students and the community in job-specific skills, including agriculture, manufacturing and a range of trades and apprenticeships. It will also support career opportunities in rural areas to attract and retain students to live and work in rural communities.

“A modernized Acme School will be able to offer training and support for students and the community, including developing skills that are much-needed in industries that help rural communities thrive. This school will be a huge asset in attracting and retaining students to live and work in rural communities like Acme.”

Nathan Cooper, MLA for Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills

“We are excited to receive support from the Alberta government for the unique approach to trade and skill development undertaken by Acme School.  We believe this is a model that could be used across rural Alberta in support of student training and local industry.”

Laurie Huntley, chair, Golden Hills School Division

“We appreciate this investment and support by the Government of Alberta which will enable our very successful partnership with our school and its students to grow. Our innovative and multigenerational business partners (100-plus) have made significant investments in value-added products and services locally. Together with our planned growth, this investment will generate more than 200 new permanent employment opportunities over the next three to five years. We know our experiential learning partnership will help develop well-trained team members for Alberta businesses, contributing to Alberta’s recovery and to the diversification of our economy.”

David Price, co-founder and company director, Sunterra Group of Companies

The 2022 Capital Plan invests $2 billion over three years to support new school projects, continue work on previously announced projects, maintain existing schools and support charter school infrastructure, including collegiate programs. This includes an investment of more than $251 million in new funding over three years for school projects like the Acme School modernization.

Budget 2022 moves Alberta forward towards personal and economic prosperity by building capacity in our health-care system, developing the talents and skills of our workforce and providing opportunities for all Albertans to succeed and thrive.

Alberta's Recovery Plan