The program is being established to help affected citizens and the communities recover from uninsurable loss and damages caused by overland flooding from extraordinary rainfall on June 13.

“This is a difficult time for all Albertans, and to experience a significant disaster while dealing with a pandemic is nothing short of stressful. Our government is here to help support communities and Albertans recover by providing funding for uninsurable losses and damages.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

The funding will help communities recover from damages to infrastructure and property, and recover costs incurred during emergency operations, response and cleanup. Funding will also be available to residents and business owners for uninsurable losses caused by overland flooding.

“Government operates an objective process to determine DRP eligibility. Following that process, we are now in a position to move forward with disaster relief. This funding will help affected communities recover and rebuild from this disaster.”

Kaycee Madu, Minister of Municipal Affairs

MLAs have been working tirelessly to respond to damage on the ground and assist residents with filing their insurance claims.

“We know the damage from this storm has been devastating to Calgary and area residents. Our government will stand with you as we rebuild and manage the impact of this extreme weather. This disaster recovery assistance will provide some relief and make a positive difference for affected Albertans and their families.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Community and Social Services

Uninsurable loss and damages

Only uninsurable costs are eligible for funding under the Disaster Assistance Guidelines. Hail, sewer backup and insurance deductibles do not qualify under the program, as insurance coverage is considered reasonably and readily available for these issues. Damages caused by overland flooding are eligible for a disaster recovery program, however.

Albertans are encouraged to work with their insurance providers for damages caused by the storm. For more information, call the Insurance Bureau of Canada at 1-844-227-5422, or visit them online.

Individuals who have not chosen to insure their property or belongings, or those who do not have adequate insurance, will not be eligible to receive funding through the disaster recovery program.

Information, application processes and updates on approved disaster recovery programs can be found online at

Quick facts

  • Flooding also affected public infrastructure, such as the Calgary International Airport and roadways, and damaged homes and small businesses.
  • There are many ways you can be prepared for an emergency. Start by going online for information on emergency preparedness and hazards in Alberta. Be sure you have the Alberta Emergency Alert app downloaded on your mobile device.