Only uninsurable costs are eligible for Disaster Recovery Program funding. When insurance is considered readily and reasonably available, the insurable costs are not eligible for program assistance.

Readily and reasonably available

Readily and reasonably available is defined as the ease of accessibility to which Albertans can access insurance coverage for disaster events, and the amount of insurance coverage provided, relative to the level of risk.

Insurance coverage by disaster type

The amount you pay for insurance coverage will depend on where you live and premiums will vary by insurance company and coverage type. Albertans should be aware of their level of risk and purchase adequate insurance coverage for their property.

As insurance guidelines vary between insurers, Albertans are advised to check with their insurance provider on their current level of coverage or limitations.

Insurance coverage for the following disasters is considered readily and reasonably available.


For Albertans who have evacuated their homes, the Insurance Bureau of Canada recommends that you keep receipts for expenses such as food, clothing and lodging. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Wind events

Wind events, including tornadoes, can cause loss and damage from flying debris or falling branches to homes, businesses, farming operations and public infrastructure.

Snow and ice events

Ice events can cause damage to property from hail and ice storms, falling ice, flying debris, and to contents from snow entering through sudden openings or from frozen pipes. These damages can affect homes, businesses, farming operations and public infrastructure.


Insurance coverage for earthquakes is considered readily and reasonably available as a supplementary coverage.

While earthquakes and other seismic land movements are rare in Alberta, they can cause public and private sector damage that may not be covered by insurance.


Insurance for flooding caused by sewer back-up is readily and reasonably available in Alberta.

Visit overland flood insurance for detailed information on insurability for overland flooding.