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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministerial Correspondence Team
Corporate Counsel, Legal Services
Acute Care Division
Continuing Care Division
Finance and Capital Planning Division
Health Information Systems Division
Health System Integration Division
Health Workforce Division
Indigenous Health Division
Pharmaceutical and Supplementary Benefits Division
Primary Care Division
Public and Rural Health Division
Communicable Disease Control Branch
Health Protection Branch
Audit and Compliance Assurance Unit
Emergency Management Unit
Environmental Public Health Science
Protection for Persons in Care
Public Health Standards and Regulations Branch
Opioid Implementation Team
Rural Health Branch
Public Health Standards and Regulations Branch
Strategic Planning and Performance Division
Office of the Associate Deputy Minister
Office of the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
Office of the Alberta Health Advocates
Protection for Persons in Care
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Information and Reporting Line Toll Free Number 1-888-357-9339
Newton, Connie
780 427-0552 Director
Smith, Barbara
587 987-9915 Manager, Strategic Policy
Shaver, Michael
  Business Analyst
Robinson, Tegan
780 644-2718 Education and Outreach Specialist
Messner, Alissa
  Policy Advisor
Paular, Rikka
  Policy Advisor
Royan, Heather
  Policy Advisor
Buchy, Julie
780 427-9134 Program Analyst
Osunsanya, Tomide
  Program Analyst
Bell, Melanie
587 986-6545 Manager, Protection for Persons in Care
Bhullar, Roohi
780 644-3385 Nurse Consultant / Complaints Officer Lead
Chandler, Susan
780 644-3278 Nurse Consultant / Complaints Officer
Johnson, Kevin
780 422-7177 Nurse Consultant / Complaints Officer
Legg, Erin
780 415-2174 Nurse Consultant / Complaints Officer
Neilson, Monique
780 427-3181 Nurse Consultant / Complaints Officer
Nimoh, Ivy
780 415-1416 Nurse Consultant / Complaints Officer
Allard, Lacey
780 422-3260 Administrative Assistant
Cheung, Flora
780 427-0658 Administrative Assistant
Mesiatowsky, Brittni
780 644-9660 Administrative Assistant
Piasecka, Joanna
780 643-6404 Administrative Assistant

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