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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Teaching Profession Commission
Curriculum Division
Program and System Support Division
Education Supports Sector
System Support and Policy Branch
School Accreditation, Monitoring and Print Services Branch
Print Services Unit (Barrhead)
Learner Supports Branch
Field Services Sector
System Excellence Division
Strategic Services and Governance Division
Financial Services and Capital Planning Division
First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit Division
School Accreditation, Monitoring and Print Services Branch
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Number 780 427-7235
Hryhirchuk, Real
780 422-6527 Director
Tetreau, Eric
780 427-5293 Manager, Accreditation and Monitoring
Tumbach, Scott
780 427-4159 Manager
Bell, Kieran
780 427-5278 Program Coordinator
Miles, Sandra
780 427-5407 Program Coordinator
Neves, Daniela
780 644-5141 Program Coordinator
Pon, Allan
780 422-6523 PUF Program Coordinator
Cimino, Sandra
780 427-5375 Accreditation Officer
Eistetter, Todd
780 427-6894 Accreditation Officer
Gay, Dorin
780 427-6930 Accreditation Officer
Grace, Demi
780 422-4124 Accreditation Officer
LaBuick, Cheryl
780 643-1250 Accreditation Officer
Robson, Jennifer
780 427-5419 Accreditation Officer
Sanchez, Lisa Marie
780 644-8484 Accreditation Officer
Schrader, Nadine
780 415-9313 Accreditation Officer
Sweeney, Annette
780 643-1903 Accreditation Officer
Obuobisah, Helena
  Accreditation Analyst
Okoli, Crystal
780 422-6514 Manager, Research and Policy
Guerra LeMoignan, Veruska
780 644-2286 Administrative Assistant
Bishop, Shelley
780 422-9423 Administrative Support
Stewart, Michelle
780 427-7235 Administrative Support

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