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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Teaching Profession Commission
Curriculum Division
Program and System Support Division
Education Supports Sector
System Support and Policy Branch
School Accreditation, Monitoring and Print Services Branch
Learner Supports Branch
Field Services Sector
System Excellence Division
Strategic Services and Governance Division
Financial Services and Capital Planning Division
First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit Division
Learner Supports Branch
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Blaine, Alysson
780 916-1664 Director, Learner Supports
Delfin-Pascual, Connie
780 644-2287 Director's Administrative Support
Malloch, Joy
780 427-5401 Senior Manager
Dussault, Barbara
780 422-6544 Senior Manager
Thompson, Crystal
780 644-8482 LISS Operations Coordinator
Nadeem, Nayima
780 644-8538 LISS Analyst
Epp, Jennifer
780 427-6894 OSAR Team Lead
Finner, Sheri
780 422-6538 OSAR Coordinator
Stewart, Darby
780 422-3183 Attendance and Re-Engagement Specialist
Thind, Pardeep
780 427-5321 Manager, Business Operations
Kuehn, Barb
780 427-5218 Library Services Supervisor
McRitchie, Theresa
780 427-5216 Circulation Clerk
Shupenia, Judith
780 427-5224 Library Technician
Kaushal, Rohit
780 427-5244 Equipment Technician
Van Haren, Hilda
780 422-6925 Braille Services Supervisor
Antonovic, Mika
780 427-5215 Braille Transcriber / Proofreader
Baars, Derek
780 427-5240 Braille Transcriber / Proofreader
Stolfa, Erika
780 643-0955 Initiative Coordinator
Parsons, Pamela
780 644-2980 Administrative Support
Petty, Barbara
780 638-3480 Administrative Support

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