Featured on Wednesday's Child: April 20, 2022

Adoption profile photo of Sev

Sev, born in 2012, is a loveable child with dark brown hair, big brown eyes and an engaging smile. With his quiet and sweet nature he enjoys listening to music and being around adults and children who are most familiar to him. Sev enjoys activities where he is able to go swimming or to play in water, especially if it is in the warmth of summer! Other activities that Sev enjoys are going to the park, playing in the sand or dirt or simply grounding himself by holding one of his favourite objects like a set of beads on a string.

Sev attends a specialized school program where he receives assistance to enhance his development. He is gaining independence skills, meeting his learning goals and is willing to do things around the class when asked. Sev is showing additional growth in his ability to communicate with those around him. This sweet boy enjoys the predictability of his classroom and is well-liked by his teachers, aides, and other classmates.

Sev would do best in a two parent home without children or children nearing adulthood or beyond. This wonderful boy requires a skilled, patient and affectionate, adoptive family who has the ability to nurture and understand his needs so that he can reach his maximum potential and be connected to any specialized services he may require now or in the future. His ideal family should be able to provide him with committed one on one attention, careful supervision and an active and loving home environment. A family that is able to provide structure and routine but at the same time be understanding and sensitive to his needs will help him blossom and grow. The family committed to becoming his forever family stand to experience much joy and rewards that parenting him would bring.

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