On Jan. 16, Alberta’s government announced a robust engagement with Albertans around the refocusing of the province’s health care system. In addition to in-person opportunities, Alberta Health has now released digital tools that will address the same topics as the in-person engagement sessions happening across the province. This will give front-line health care workers, patients, families and caregivers the ability to provide their input when and where they want.

Creating inclusive opportunities to engage with front-line health care workers, regional partners and Albertans in all communities will remain a priority as the government continues to refocus health care. The input from these in-person sessions and online engagement tools will help drive solutions and innovations as Alberta moves towards a new, unified provincial health care system.

Quick facts

  • New engagement tools are available online to allow health care workers and Albertans to share their input any time and from anywhere in the province.
  • Alberta Health has more than 40 in-person engagement sessions that will be running until April.
  • More than 16,000 health care workers and Albertans have provided feedback through online engagement tools to date.
  • Six virtual town halls have been held so far, with about 10,000 participants.

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