“Through National Ribbon Skirt Day, we all have the opportunity to celebrate and learn about Indigenous cultures and traditions, particularly ribbon skirts worn by Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit (2S+) people. 

“Ribbon skirts are adorned with colourful ribbons and symbolize a direct connection to Mother Earth and its medicines. In addition, they represent strength, resiliency, and personal and cultural identity.

“In 2020, Isabella Kulak, a member of Cote First Nation in Saskatchewan, was shamed for wearing her ribbon skirt to a formal dress day at her elementary school.

“Her story started a movement of Indigenous women, girls and 2S+ people donning their ribbon skirts to express their support for Isabella and to celebrate their own cultural identity.

“As we journey towards reconciliation, it is critical that we respect and learn more about Indigenous cultures and customs.

“Education is a key part of creating positive change, and we are proud to raise awareness about Isabella’s story. We invite all Albertans to join us in helping advance reconciliation and end racism against Indigenous women, girls and 2S+ people.”

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