Thousands of Albertans who rely on social benefits are feeling the increased cost of living acutely. To support those who need it most, Alberta’s government is indexing financial benefits for those who depend on the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), Income Support and the Alberta Seniors Benefit. Albertans receiving these benefits will see their rates increase by 4.25 per cent effective Jan. 1.

“Indexing benefits is a critical measure to support vulnerable Albertans who are struggling due to inflation. Thousands of people access our financial assistance programs, which is why it is so important to ensure benefits can help cover the increasing costs of food, housing and other essential goods and services.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

Albertans receiving AISH and Income Support benefits will see this increase on their January payments, which will be distributed on Dec. 21. Recipients of the Alberta Seniors Benefit will see this increase on their January cheques. By continuing to index these programs, vulnerable Albertans will have the resources they need to keep up with inflation.

“I am very pleased with the Government of Alberta’s ongoing commitment to increase financial supports to vulnerable Albertans. Every dollar counts in efforts to combat food insecurity and the ever-increasing cost of living.”

Greg McMeekin, Alberta’s Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

“I am pleased the Alberta government has delivered on its commitment and will be adjusting AISH and Income Support annually in line with inflation. This is an important first step, which will provide some financial relief to Albertans who are continuing to struggle with the increasing cost of living. I look forward to working with the government and other partners to ensure those relying on these key programs receive the support they need as costs rise.”

Joy Bowen-Eyre, chief executive officer, The Alex Community Health Centre

Examples of monthly rate changes

  • $1,787 to $1,863 AISH
  • $790 to $824 Income Support for those who are expected to work
  • $919 to $959 Income Support for those with barriers to full employment
  • $303 to $316 Alberta Seniors Benefit

Quick facts

  • More than 75,000 people receive AISH each month.
  • More than 48,000 receive Income Support each month.
  • About 44,000 children are dependents of AISH and Income Support recipients.
  • About 187,000 seniors receive Alberta Seniors Benefits.