The seven-member board will support the transition of AHS into a health care organization with a focus on delivering high-quality acute care services within a reorganized single provincial health care system. This includes hospital care, urgent care centres, cancer care, clinical operations, surgeries and emergency medical services. As part of its renewed mandate, AHS will continue its work to improve wait times for surgeries and wait times in emergency rooms and to shorten response times for emergency medical services.  

“I look forward to working with the new AHS board members who will bring expertise and fresh perspective to the table as we work towards a structure that supports the health workforce and improves access to care. Alberta Health Services will continue to have a key role in delivering acute care services, with a renewed patient emphasis on shorter wait times and higher quality of care.”

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Health

“I’m honoured to serve Albertans and take part in building a strong provincial health care system that works for Albertans and health care workers and supports their needs. I experienced first-hand the imbalances between access to care in rural and urban communities during my practice as a physician. I am committed to steering Alberta Health Services towards providing high-quality acute care services across the province.” 

Dr. Lyle Oberg, board chair, Alberta Health Services

Alberta’s government will continue to grow the health care workforce, and protecting AHS front-line jobs will be a priority during this transition. Health care workers will be part of organizations dedicated to one sector and will have their leaders’ undivided attention. This will empower front-line workers and will drive innovation at the local level.

The longer-term governance of a refocused AHS will be determined in coordination with the new acute care organization.

The new AHS board members include:

  • Dr. Lyle Oberg 
  • Sandy Edmonstone 
  • Paul George Haggis 
  • Andre Tremblay 
  • Evan Romanow 
  • Cynthia Farmer 
  • Additional member to be named

“I’m honoured to take part in the urgent and necessary efforts to strengthen the health care system. I’m pleased to lend my expertise and work with my fellow board members to ensure Albertans have access to world-class care and outcomes now and into the future.”

Sandy Edmonstone, board member, Alberta Health Services

Dr. John Cowell’s role as AHS official administrator ends with the creation of the new AHS board. He will support the board as an adviser until December. Alberta’s government thanks Dr. Cowell for his tireless service and dedication to improving Alberta’s health care system over the past year.

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