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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministerial Correspondence Team
Corporate Counsel, Legal Services
Acute Care Division
Continuing Care Division
Finance and Capital Planning Division
Health Information Systems Division
Health System Integration Division
Health Workforce Division
Indigenous Health Division
Pharmaceutical and Supplementary Benefits Division
Primary Care Division
Public and Rural Health Division
Strategic Planning and Performance Division
Data Engineering and Operations Branch
General Corporate Services
Health Analytic Branch
Health System Value Branch
Research and Innovation Branch
Health Funding Team
Health Economics Team
Health Evidence and Policy Unit
Health Innovation Partnerships and Strategy Unit
Intergovernmental Relations Unit
Third Party Liability
Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Policy and Initiatives Branch
Office of the Associate Deputy Minister
Office of the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
Office of the Alberta Health Advocates
Third Party Liability
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Maier, Suzanne
780 415-1499 Director
McNeil, Dorothy
780 644-3164 Administrative Support
Murray, Rod
780 415-0203 Senior Claims Officer
O'Connor, Michael
780 427-3523 Intermediate Claims Officer
Abbas, Gulzar
780 415-0205 Claims Officer
Cameron de Jimenez, Donna
780 427-0224 Claims Officer
Garland, Rita
780 415-1557 Claims Officer
Massey, Joanne
780 415-0207 Claims Officer
Settingiano, Sarah
780 427-4538 Claims Officer
Walker, Shelli
780 644-2040 Claims Officer

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