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Alberta Emergency Alert: Overland Flow Flood Alert Updated

Advisory alert details

Advisory - Alberta Emergency Alert: Overland Flow Flood Alert Updated

Jun 13, 2018 at 10:32 AM

From: Big Lakes County

Issued: Jun 13, 2018 at 10:32 AM


Area: Big Lakes

Description: The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) at the Big Lakes County Administration Office has been opened. The Driftpile River continues to rise and is affecting infrastructure in the communities in the areas of the Driftpile River and Swan River. Residents are encouraged to shelter in place until conditions improve.

The rise in water has caused flooding in the vicinity of the Driftpile River and the Swan River. Highway 2 at the Hwy 33 junction, Hwy 2 at the Swan River Bridge and Hwy 2 at the Driftpile bridge. Preparations are being made for a reception centre if necessary. Contact Big Lakes County to report flooding roadways. Big Lakes County posted the steps to take in the event that there is an evacuation. This list can be found at

Instruction: Avoid low lying and flooded areas. Avoid travelling on flooded roadways. Check for highway closures. Listen for updates and follow the instructions that apply to your area. The water levels and weather forecasts will continue to be monitored. Additional advisories will be issued as required. For updates check Call 911 if you need evacuation assistance.

Additional information: Broadcast Audio

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