Hoop City 3x3 is returning to Edmonton this week, reinforcing Alberta’s reputation as a premier destination for major sport events and sports fans from around the world. Throughout the three-day event, fans can watch the world’s top teams compete in the men’s and women’s FIBA 3x3 games at the athletes’ final stop before the 2024 Olympics in Paris. In addition to watching the pros compete, fans can take part in the action by participating in Hoop City’s community tournament.

The event in Edmonton’s Ice District is expected to inject up to $4.3 million into the city’s economy by supporting jobs, increasing accommodation bookings and boosting activity at local businesses. Hoop City also provides an opportunity to showcase Edmonton’s vibrant downtown core to the four million viewers anticipated worldwide. Alberta’s government is providing $265,000 in funding to support the planning, staging and delivery of the event.

“As a former basketball player and lifelong fan of the sport, I’m thrilled to welcome this tournament to our province once again. Three-on-three basketball is one of the most exciting and dynamic formats in basketball today. Its fast pace and high energy make it captivating to watch. Edmonton’s warm hospitality and vibrant Ice District will provide the perfect send-off for these athletes before they head to Paris.”

Joseph Schow, Minister of Tourism and Sport

Among the teams competing in the coming days is Canada’s 3x3 Women’s National Team, ranked first globally, which consists entirely of Alberta athletes. The Women’s National Team features Podium Alberta athletes Michelle and Katherine Plouffe from Edmonton, and Paige Crozon and Kacie Bosch from Lethbridge. Alberta’s government recently recognized this team at the 2023 Alberta Sport Recognition Awards as Open Team of the Year. The award recognizes high-performance athletes and teams who promote Alberta and pursue sport development goals.

“Having 400 amateur basketball players competing alongside some of the best FIBA 3x3 men’s and women’s teams in the world creates an absolutely electric atmosphere for fans, families and players! Thanks to our partners, including the Government of Alberta, Edmonton is becoming a hub for basketball in our country. We are particularly proud of our legacy in women’s basketball.”

Stephen Bourdeau, CEO, Do North Events

The Plouffe sisters are currently the two highest-ranked 3x3 players in the world, and they will be making their return to the Olympic Games this summer in Paris. Both Crozon, ranked third overall, and Bosch, ranked twentieth, will be making their Olympic debuts in Paris.

Hoop City’s community 3x3 tournament will see up to 100 teams compete in both recreational and competitive categories, including wheelchair and co-ed teams. The tournament is open to age groups from U11 to adult.

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