Alberta’s government is committed to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, communities and organizations. One way the government is pursuing reconciliation is by supporting initiatives that enhance local economic development and Indigenous languages, cultures and arts. The Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative provides up to $100,000 per project through cultural and economic grant streams.

In its first year, the Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative supported 66 projects led by First Nations, Metis Settlements, Indigenous communities and Indigenous-serving organizations. The government is now accepting applications for funding in the 2024-25 fiscal year.

“It’s wonderful to see the Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative already supporting so many meaningful projects after launching just last year. It’s important these initiatives are led by Indigenous people because it’s only through Indigenous guidance, leadership and partnership that we can make true progress on reconciliation. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new projects we can fund in the year ahead.”

Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations

The Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative supported a variety of cultural projects including learning circles, conferences and gatherings with Elders, Knowledge Keepers and other Indigenous leaders. By funding cultural projects, the Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative is helping Alberta’s government make progress on a crucial aspect of reconciliation, which is supporting Indigenous-led initiatives that amplify, protect and revitalize Indigenous cultures.

A $100,000 grant helped Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation host the 2023 Nakota Language Conference, which brought together more than 300 teachers, students, Elders and Knowledge Keepers for three days to share and help develop language revitalization strategies.

"I'm pleased to see Alberta's government making strides in reconciliation. The Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative offers communities significant opportunities to support impactful projects. Hosting the successful Nakota Language Conference was a great achievement, and I look forward to more initiatives arising from this undertaking.”

Tony Alexis, Chief, Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation

The Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative also supported many economic initiatives in 2023-24, ranging from feasibility studies and strategic planning to training workshops and conferences. These projects are helping lay the groundwork for future economic growth, positioning Indigenous communities and organizations to capitalize on a variety of potential business opportunities.

A grant of nearly $100,000 helped the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association host workshops and provide hands-on training to current and future Indigenous entrepreneurs.  

The Indigenous Reconciliation Initiative is designed to provide flexible funding that supports Indigenous communities and organizations in pursuing priorities based on their unique needs.

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