Alberta’s government continues to review and update the Occupational Health and Safety Code (OHS Code), which contains detailed technical requirements for controlling health and safety hazards at the province’s workplaces. A new online survey enables Albertans to provide their input between Feb. 20 and March 19.

“Alberta’s workplaces have gone through many changes during the past 15 years and Alberta’s government needs to make sure health and safety laws reflect modern workplaces. I encourage workers, employers and health and safety professionals to provide their valuable input to help improve and update the OHS Code so it works better for everyone.”

Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade

Participants can fill out the entire survey or just the parts that interest them. The survey covers the parts of the OHS Code related to workplace violence and harassment, explosives and oil and gas wells.

Alberta’s government is looking for input on proposed updates to the OHS Code that consider new best practices, updated standards, technological advances and streamline requirements to reduce unnecessary administrative burden. The government is also looking to align Alberta’s code with other Canadian jurisdictions, which promotes labour mobility and inter-provincial trade.

Quick facts

  • This year’s review and online survey will cover the following parts of the OHS Code:
    • Part 27 – Violence and harassment
    • Part 33 – Explosives
    • Part 37 – Oil and gas wells

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