Alberta’s government remains a provincial leader in reducing red tape

The Canadian Federation of Business (CFIB) has awarded Alberta with a grade of A on its 2024 Red Tape Report Card, the top mark among provinces for the fourth year in a row. Celebrating today are (left to right) CFIB Policy Analyst Bradlee Whidden, Camrose MLA Jackie Lovely, Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction Minister Dale Nally, CFIB Senior Policy Analyst Andrew Sennyah, Taber-Warner MLA Grant Hunter and Grande Prairie-Wapiti MLA Ron Wiebe.

The CFIB released the 2024 Red Tape Report Card grades on Jan. 31, and once again, it’s good news for Alberta. The CFIB recognized Alberta’s continued efforts to reduce complicated, redundant and costly procedures and has awarded the province with an A.

This year’s Red Tape Awareness Week highlights how cutting red tape helps address affordability issues and lowers the cost of doing business, which Alberta’s government has been addressing. By making programs more accessible and efficient, it is not only easier for businesses to thrive, but also makes life more affordable for Albertans.

“Last year, we were honoured to be ranked No. 1 in Canada with an A-minus in red tape reduction. This year our commitment continues to pay off, as CFIB has awarded Alberta an A, making us a leader among the provinces for the fourth year in a row. Albertans continue to benefit from our government’s laser-like focus on removing administrative burden. We have cut over 200,000 pieces of red tape and saved job creators and Albertans $2.75 billion. Our goal of being the best place to live, work and start a business is coming to fruition. Congratulations, Alberta!”

Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction

Modernizing regulations and reducing administrative burden has saved Albertans and businesses more than $2.75 billion since 2019. In addition to other policies brought in by the government, including the Job Creation Tax Cut, the progress and savings from reducing red tape are solidifying the province as the best place to live, work, start or grow a business, and invest.

“The Alberta government is once again in the top spot on this year’s red tape report card. The Alberta government consistently demonstrates that with strong political leadership, progress can be made to reduce red tape for small businesses and Albertans. While the government has made significant progress, we further challenge them to make red tape reduction part of the solution in other areas like health care and housing.”

Keyli Loeppky, director, interprovincial affairs, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

The grade puts Alberta in the lead position across Canada, but efforts to reduce red tape are not over. The Alberta government is committed to continuing to consult with the public and industry experts to ensure the province remains the best place to live, work and do business.

Quick facts

  • Red tape reduction by the numbers:
    • $2.75 billion: Amount saved by Albertans and Alberta businesses by reducing red tape, continuing to make the province the best place in Canada to live, invest and do business.
    • Almost 700: Red tape reduction initiatives completed since 2019.
    • Seven: Number of red tape reduction bills passed since 2019, enabling legislative changes from across government.

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