Alberta’s economic performance continues to exceed expectations, with private forecasters projecting the province will lead the country in economic growth this year. From Sept. 4-8, Minister Horner will meet with major investors to speak about Alberta’s resilient economy and strong fiscal position.

“We know that economic volatility is inevitable. That’s why building a strong economy that can withstand economic down times is important. Alberta’s economy continues to prove resilient and our commitment to prudent fiscal management will ensure that Alberta’s future remains secure. We are confident in Alberta’s economic outlook and encourage businesses to invest in Alberta’s leading economy.”

Nate Horner, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

The Alberta government is committed to working with its national and international partners to advance shared interests that can lead to new opportunities for people and businesses in Alberta and around the world.

Minister Horner will be travelling with three staff. Mission expenses will be posted on the travel and expense disclosure page.

Quick facts

  • Alberta is forecast to record a $2.4-billion surplus at the end of 2023-24, $94 million higher than forecast in Budget 2023.

Itinerary for Minister Horner*

Sept. 4

  • Travel to Toronto

Sept. 5

  • Meetings with stakeholders
  • Meeting with Ontario finance minister

Sept. 6

  • Travel to Montreal
  • Meetings with stakeholders
  • Travel to New York City

Sept. 7

  • Meetings with stakeholders

Sept. 8

  • Meeting with stakeholders
  • Return to Edmonton

*Subject to change.