“Aug. 14-20 is Local Food Week, an opportunity to celebrate the hard-working Alberta producers and processors who put delicious and nutritious food on plates across the province and around the world.

“Alberta is home to thousands of local producers, and there are many ways you can support them this week. You can visit a farmers’ market, go to a U-pick farm, choose foods at the grocery store with the Made in Alberta label, use the #ABLocalFood hashtag on social media or plan an Open Farm Days visit.

“Open Farm Days wraps up Local Food Week on Aug. 19 and 20. More than 100 farms across the province are opening their gates so Albertans can see first-hand how their food is made and get to know the people who produce it.

“During Open Farm Days, some of Alberta’s most talented chefs in rural areas will be hosting culinary experiences using homegrown ingredients for a unique farm-to-table experience.

“Alberta has a robust and diverse agri-food sector. When we buy local food, we are directly supporting other Alberta families and there’s a strong ripple effect that extends beyond individual farmers and into our communities.

“I encourage everyone to enjoy some delicious regional cuisine this week and show some love to the producers and processors in your part of the province. Happy Local Food Week!”