“Time and time again, violent offenders commit crimes and then are out on bail to commit more acts of violence and more crime. For this to change, the federal government must amend its Criminal Code.

“All provinces and territories stood united and demanded this of the federal government in order to make real change. And the federal government agreed to amend Canada’s Criminal Code as early as this legislative session.

“The March 10 meeting of Canada’s attorneys general, justice and public safety ministers about bail was long overdue. But not as long overdue as addressing the current bail system this country has.

“It is worth repeating: The law on bail is fundamentally unsound and must be reformed.

“Alberta calls on the federal government to walk the walk, live up to its promise and make this change now. It is the right thing to do.

“Victims, law enforcement and all Albertans have been waiting far too long for this to happen.”