“On Jan. 13, premiers from every province and territory wrote to the Prime Minister to call for immediate action to strengthen Canada’s bail system.

“Months later, the federal government has scheduled an ‘emergency’ meeting with all provinces and territories.

“Alberta will call for Bill C-75 to be repealed in its entirety. This federal legislation has made it far too easy for offenders to get bail.

“Bill C-75 directs the courts to release offenders at the earliest opportunity and with the least onerous conditions.

“Even violent repeat offenders may not be held because of this federal legislation.

“We’ve seen the predictable consequences of this play out across the country, as individuals with violent criminal histories have been allowed back into the community, only to cause further social disorder and commit additional violent crimes, including assault and murder.

“The law on bail is fundamentally unsound and must be reformed. This can only be done through federal legislation.

“With public security rapidly deteriorating, the best time to act was years ago. The second-best time is now.

“Alberta’s government has launched a new website to explain why the bail system has failed and to encourage Albertans to contact their federal member of Parliament to make their views clear.”