Thousands of Albertans rely daily on services provided through disability programs, homeless shelters and family violence prevention programs. That is why Alberta’s government is providing the sector with an additional $24 million.

Currently, many individuals on the Persons with Developmental Disabilities program are having a hard time finding and keeping staff. With this additional funding, service providers, families and persons with disabilities will be able to find workers more easily, as wages will become more competitive.

“Providing care for vulnerable Albertans is a focus of our government, which is why Premier Danielle Smith put in my mandate letter to work with the social services sector to address workforce challenges within my ministry. Workers in disability services, emergency shelters and family violence prevention programs are providing critical support to thousands of Albertans. Our province cannot go without these individuals’ dedication, which is why we are proud to support them in their hard work for our most vulnerable.”

Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

Alberta’s government depends on the efforts and dedication of disability workers to make sure Albertans with disabilities get the help they need.

The Ministry of Seniors, Community and Social Services funds 179 Persons with Developmental Disabilities service providers and 69 Family Support for Children with Disabilities service providers. About 20,600 front-line social service workers will be supported with this investment, including about 19,500 disability support workers, 1,000 homeless shelter workers and 175 family violence prevention workers.

“I would like to thank Alberta’s government on behalf of disability workers and providers across the province. By addressing the need for increased wages, we will be able to better serve the thousands of individuals with disabilities. We are very grateful for the tireless work done by Minister Nixon to bring positive change for Alberta’s disability sector.”

Ryan Geake, CEO, Calgary Scope Society

"I want to thank the Government of Alberta for working with us over the past eight months to strengthen our province's disability worker sector. Thanks to their hard work, and the advocacy of thousands of our fellow Albertans, thousands of workers and their families will rest a little easier this holiday season, knowing they are valued and appreciated."

Dale Cena, founder, Alberta Disability in Action

“I am very glad to know that our government is helping all people with disabilities to have support of a worker by increasing their pay. For me, I rely on disability workers to help me each day. With better pay for my worker and all other disability workers, more support will come for individuals like me who need their services.”

C.F., self advocate

An additional $2 million will be provided to disability service providers to help with increasing operational costs such as utilities and insurance. As inflation continues to increase cost pressures, this funding will help organizations keep their doors open so that Albertans receive the supports they need. The last time Alberta’s disability and family violence prevention sector received an increase for operational costs was in 2014.