The new funding goes to the Ukrainian World Congress, the global voice for Ukrainian people worldwide, for the Unite with Ukraine campaign to deliver humanitarian aid. This brings Alberta’s total contribution to Ukrainian relief to more than $23 million, and builds on $5 million provided to this effort earlier this year.

The government is also renewing its memorandum of understanding with the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine – which identifies avenues for cooperation across areas including arts and culture, science and technology, and humanitarian assistance, to agriculture, economic development, infrastructure and energy development.

“Alberta continues to stand behind Ukrainians and their elected government, and I am proud to increase funding for humanitarian aid – because our efforts could be lost if we do not sustain them. Our relationship has taken on added significance as the country defends itself against Russia, and I am honoured to reaffirm our commitment to Ivano-Frankivsk at a time when there is a desire for partnerships that focus on safety and security.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“Since the beginning of this horrific aggression against the people of Ukraine, Albertans have stepped up to provide support, humanitarian aid, and a place of refuge for those fleeing for their lives. The need for aid continues and we remain steadfast in our unwavering support.”

Ron Orr, Minister of Culture

“I deeply appreciate the recognition of our continued relationship with Ukraine, especially in light of the ongoing war. Alberta’s bond with the Ukrainian community has never been stronger. Albertans can take pride knowing our province’s unwavering support will make a real difference for all Ukrainians whose lives have been impacted by this conflict.”

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, Associate Minister of Status of Women and chair of the Advisory Council on Alberta-Ukraine Relations

“We are grateful that Premier Kenney and his government heard our call to support Ukraine’s defenders who are on the front lines of the fight for democratic values. These brave men and women will be better equipped because of the support from the people of Alberta.”

Paul Grod, president, Ukrainian World Congress

“Albertans should be so proud of this donation.  The money will be used to directly support Ukraine’s defenders to liberate their people from Russia’s illegal and murderous war. Premier Kenney has shown global leadership by advancing these much-needed funds to Unite with Ukraine. We call on other provinces to be as generous as they can be to help do the same. The money Alberta is giving will be used to equip Ukraine’s brave defenders with urgently needed winter gear and tactical medical equipment, which will literally save lives and help liberate innocent Ukrainians from Russian occupation.”

Retired General Rick Hillier, chairman, Ukrainian Wold Congress Strategic Advisory Council

“On behalf of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council, I thank the Government of Alberta for its steadfast support of our community here in Alberta and for the direct support of Ukraine’s defenders who are currently fighting the Russian invaders.”

Orysia Boychuk, president, Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council 

Memorandum of understanding

Ivano-Frankivsk is located in the southwest of Ukraine. Agriculture and forestry are mainstays of Ivano-Frankivsk’s economy, with about 25 per cent of its working population employed in those sectors prior to the invasion. Associated petrochemical and machinery industries have also been developing rapidly.

Premier Kenney and Gov. Svitlana Onyshchuk of Ivano-Frankivsk signed the MOU at a virtual ceremony. The MOU will be in effect for five years from the date of signing. Throughout this period, officials from both regions will undertake exploratory missions. The private sector, public institutions, municipalities and community groups will be encouraged to look at mutually beneficial activities. A formalized relationship with the region has been in place since 2004.

With Europe facing an energy crisis stemming from the conflict, Ukraine continues to have need for humanitarian assistance and a critical need for modern oil and gas equipment, services and training to maintain and grow its domestic natural gas production.

Alberta has committed to working with the Ukrainian Embassy, the Consulate General of Ukraine in Edmonton, and Ukrainian energy companies to connect them with Alberta companies aligned with their needs. A similar offer has been made to help Ukraine replace food storage facilities destroyed before the harvest.

Quick facts

  • Alberta is home to more than 369,000 people of Ukrainian descent.

  • Including this funding, Alberta’s government has provided more than $23 million in assistance to Ukraine and its citizens since the conflict with Russia began:

    • $10 million to the Ukrainian World Congress’s Unite with Ukraine campaign – a global humanitarian effort delivering vital protective equipment to the front lines.

      • Funds will be used for humanitarian aid, including: individual first aid kits and medical supplies, sleeping bags and winter clothing, diesel generators, ambulances, and communications and operating expenses.

    • Temporary financial support for up to six months of support for basic expenses like food, clothing and shelter.

    • Ukrainian parents can apply for six months of funding to cover the cost of licensed child care through the Child Care Subsidy Program.

    • Ongoing assistance from Alberta’s government and partnering settlement agencies to help ensure Ukrainians arriving in Alberta can access services such as health coverage, schooling and child care.

    • $2.2 million for settlement and language services delivered across the province.

    • $6 million to the Canada Ukraine Foundation - for lifesaving humanitarian services and food assistance, emergency non-food items (NFI) and hygienic kits, health equipment and consumables to health facilities.

    • $5 million to the Ukrainian World Congress – for medical supplies, helmets and body armour, vital communication systems and global coordination and logistics.

    • $350,000 to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council – to support a public information campaign in Alberta on the impacts of the war, facilitate joint fundraising initiatives, liaise and provide coordination of volunteers with Alberta’s immigration services. 

  • Alberta’s government continues to prioritize the assessment of applications for permanent residency made by Ukrainian nationals through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. Candidates must still meet all program criteria.

  • Alberta maintains formal partnerships with regions around the world to help promote economic development-related activities and cross-cultural awareness and cooperation.

  • In April, Alberta terminated its relationships with the Russian regions of Tyumen Oblast, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

    • This was the first time the Government of Alberta had terminated relationships with sister regions. Premier Jason Kenney was sanctioned by Russia’s foreign ministry in April 2022.