The Reservists’ Recognition Act designated the last Saturday of September as Reservists’ Recognition Day in perpetuity. The day recognizes the important role of the reserve force and the valuable skills they acquire that serve them well in their other civilian roles.

Reservists are generally civilians or students who serve primarily in part-time positions. There are more than 1,600 reservists in Alberta, with units across the province.

“With more than 1,600 reservists supporting the regular force, Canadian rangers, navy and air force across Alberta, it’s clear reservists are a notable part of the communities we live in. Supporting international missions and local communities during natural disasters are just some of their duties. The wide range of duties equips reservists with many different skills that employers desire. We thank reservists for their service and contributions they make to our communities.”

Brad Rutherford, Minister, chief government whip, and liaison to the Canadian Armed Forces

“The skills and experiences reservists acquire in their duties are unique and provide qualities that employers find attractive. I want this day to serve as an opportunity for Albertans to not only understand who and what reservists are but, more importantly, how hiring a reservist benefits both the Canadian Armed Forces and employers. With the recent pieces of legislation passed, Alberta is leading the way on supporting reservists.”

Carolyn Patton, Alberta chair, Canadian Forces Liaison Council

“Reservists are an integral component of the Canadian Armed Forces. As part-time professional soldiers, they deploy on operations at home during emergencies and in support of international operations. Reservists are employed in dozens of different military occupations, including combat arms, technicians and mechanics, cooks, communications and technology specialists, medical, administration, management, engineering and construction roles. The skills reservists bring back to their civilian employers makes those organizations stronger. Alberta has been exemplary in supporting reservists.”

Col. Christopher Hunt, commander, 41 Canadian Brigade Group

Under the act, Alberta reduced the number of consecutive weeks of employment required before a reservist is entitled to reservist leave, from 26 to 12. Reservists can now take time off work without losing their job.

This act was complemented by the Labour Statutes Amendment Act, which removed the 20-day limit on unpaid military reservist leave.

Quick facts

  • Alberta joins Manitoba as the only provinces with an official Reservists’ Recognition Day.

  • Alberta has 17 reserve units in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Red Deer.

  • The last Saturday of September was chosen as it aligns with the annual open houses at units across Alberta.