“Sept. 24 marks Provincial Hunting Day, which recognizes the role of hunting in Alberta’s cultural heritage. 

“Our province’s diverse landscape and wildlife provides hunters with opportunities to connect meaningfully with nature and enjoy the outdoors while also providing a healthy and sustainable source of food. In addition to supporting wildlife conservation, hunting supports tourism and the economy, generating nearly $600 million in economic activity annually.

“As Minister of Environment and Parks, I’m focused on striking the right balance between providing ample hunting opportunities and meeting the province’s conservation goals. Ensuring future generations can enjoy the same great hunting experience that we all enjoy today requires careful planning and science-informed wildlife management decisions. I am proud of the hunting opportunities that exist across more than 85 per cent of the land base in Alberta’s Parks system. This includes wildland provincial parks, which are specifically established to preserve and protect natural heritage and provide opportunities for backcountry recreation, including hunting.

“All of us share the responsibility of conservation, and hunters play a vital role. As ethical hunters, be sure to ‘know before you go’ with helpful resources, including Alberta’s 2022 hunting regulations. By observing natural surroundings and backcountry activity, the information hunters provide is vital to our shared stewardship work.

“Over the past two years, many Albertans have explored new experiences in our great outdoors. I’m proud to say that our province is one of the very few jurisdictions in North America where hunting participation continues to grow. I expect

2022 will be another solid year, welcoming more new hunters to the fold.

“I wish everyone a safe and memorable Provincial Hunting Day.”