“This announcement is a huge win for Alberta’s economy and for our burgeoning aviation and manufacturing sectors.

“When our government launched Alberta’s Recovery Plan in 2020, two of our key objectives were to diversify Alberta’s economy and to create good-paying jobs for Albertans.

“We wanted to find ways to leverage Alberta’s strengths, like our available land close to logistical hubs and our young, skilled and motivated workforce, to find a path back to our position as Canada’s economic engine.

“De Havilland’s investment in Alberta, to help carry forward its aircraft into its second century of operations, proves that our plan is working.

“De Havilland Field will be a state-of-the-art aircraft assembly facility, parts manufacturing and distribution centre, training centre and aircraft museum. The work done at this facility will produce planes and parts that play an important role in our society – in fighting wildfires, participating in search and rescue missions, and in moving people and goods safely and reliably.

“Alberta’s economy is not just recovering and growing, it is diversifying. As we continue to see newer and established companies choose Alberta as the location to expand and grow their business, we also continue to send strong signals to other potential investors that Alberta is the best place to do business.

“This announcement is the result of many groups collaborating and coordinating, and congratulations are due to all who have been involved in closing this deal.

“We are thrilled to welcome De Havilland Aircraft of Canada to Alberta and are confident that its long history of success in Canada will continue in our province.”