“During September we celebrate the important and vibrant role art plays in enriching our lives and communities. Alberta artists are the weavers of the threads that form the basis of our cultural fabric, and our province and our lives are richer for it.

“Supporting artists and arts organizations in our province is essential to our long-term prosperity. With a thriving arts scene, Alberta is a great place for artists of all kinds to live, work, do business and create.

“Alberta is open for business and we are on the road to economic recovery. We are also on a path to restore vibrancy to our communities after a long couple of years. Art can foster many positive mental health and wellness outcomes for Albertans, individually and collectively. The arts connect people from all walks of life, whether it’s in person in a celebration and enjoyment of art, or by showing new perspectives through creative means.

“Almost one year ago, we created the Arts Professions Recognition Act to recognize artists in all disciplines. We want to create a culture in Alberta where the arts thrive­ – where people recognize the hard work and effort of artists and pay them for it. Art is more than fun and entertainment. Art inspires. Art is a passion, a livelihood and a career.

“Throughout September, artists will be performing and exhibiting their work at Alberta Culture Days events across the province. I encourage all Albertans to celebrate Month of the Artist in Alberta by supporting local artists in your community.”